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Many people try to stay in America for more than the esta 90 day limit and however they manage to do so. As we all know, breaking a rule is always followed by penalty and consequences which are not lenient but quite serious. Therefore, for the people who do not leave America or are not prepared to leave before their esta visa expires must be well aware of the consequences. They should know about the problems that they will be facing and the penalties that are going to be imposed on them.

The esta overstay is basically the same for all, and so are the penalties, but somehow, the penalties become serious when the time you have stayed in America under overstay is more. The penalties are divided for two periods, and in the forthcoming paragraphs, you will be made clear about them.

Overstay for less than 180 days

When overstayed in America under the esta visa is not for more than 180 days, then you are not automatically legally banned from visiting the USA. You will be first of all deported, and your passport number is kept for further enquires and checks. After you have exceeded the esta 90 day limit, but deported before 180 days than if you apply for a visa in the future, you will have to present a proof of return. You will have to show evidence like a return ticket to get the visa verification.

Overstay for more than 180 days

ESTA visa overstay for more than 180 days is more serious and considered more offensive. If you are caught overstay and the time is more than 180 days, you can get barred from American visa for three years. If the overstay exceeds more than 365 days, the ban period expands to 10 years, and also you can get banned for lifetime.