Stadium red group comes with a new vision that believes in taking a brand to another level. The company has managed to provide the ultimate solution in every sector. That can be in the form of entertainment, lifestyle, food, healthcare, and many more. You can also join their Stadium Red Life event to see how they work.

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The organization was started back in 2007, and since then, it has provided services in 14 countries. With the help of their team, many brands are taking over the world. Many people want to know about their ventures and don’t where to find. So, we are here to let you know about them.

  1. The audio hunt

This platform is for those who want to use the awesome analog gear for listening to great music. You have to discover the right audio gear, studios, and freelance services and then select the needed one. After this, you have to upload the music, and then the team will help to find the person for you. You can collaborate with that person.

  • Scoremofo

Scoremofo is for those who are looking for quality music. The platform provides different genres of audio that helps to listen to great media. You can also go to the Stadium Red Life event to listen to the dynamic content.

  • Crosshair music

The main motive of crosshair music is that one can affordably connect the musicians to the curators and influencers for growing their audience. There is one thing to do, and it is to create an account and that all for getting started with this platform.

To summarize, these are the top ventures in which stadium red has invested. There are some more projects taken by the group to provide the ultimate solution in several sectors.